Always wanted to be great-looking, but your fashion sense equals that of an oyster’s?
Got that fur you really like, but can’t decide which hat would go well with it? Rest assured, because here comes…

The Fashion Squad!

We saw that some of you struggled to make good-looking outfits, whereas some others had a really awesome fashion sense, and distributed their knowledge freely on the forums to everyone that needed it. Today, we want to acknowledge these players, by giving them the means to spread their good taste to the masses!

This new Squad will propose themed outfits, in order to dust old items, arrange new ones, and show you how to combine them. Those outfits will be in the shop for a short amount of time, and you’ll have the possibility to buy the whole package (with a discount!).

If you already have some items or customizations, the price lowers in order to stay fair for everyone.

Once you buy the full outfit, it is automatically saved in your Outfits section. You can also combine each item separately with other elements afterwards!

We will be adding more Fashionistas to the Squad over the time, based on players’ participation on the forums.

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